Workout Review: P90X vs Insanity



To begin with, the primary difference between the two programs lies in the definition of what each program entails and the duration of the workouts:

The Insanity program by definition is an intense exercise program that lasts for about 60 days. It is largely involved in weight loss. The exercises are carried out 6 times weekly and last for a period of 30-45 minutes.

The P90x on the other hand can be defined as an exercise program that takes a period of about 90 days. It entails cardiovascular workouts, yoga and weight training exercises. These exercise help in weight loss and building of the lean muscle.

The following are the major differences between the two programs:

The equipment used

The main advantage of the insanity workout program is that it requires no equipment for the exercises. All one needs is to play the workout DVD and you are good to go. A heart rate monitor may come in handy for such exercises in order to ensure that you stay within the heart range of your choice.

The P90x is a different story all together. Unlike the Insanity, it requires several equipments in order to be successfully executed. For this exercise the following is a list of equipments that are a must have:

  • Resistance bands
  • A yoga mat.
  • Chin up bar.
  • Dumbbells
  • A heart rate monitor
  • A yoga block
  • A Chair

Therefore the P90x workout requires a bit more investment compared to the Insanity program.

The diets

It’s always easy to follow the insanity workout program diet compared to the p90x diet. This is attributable to the fact that the Insanity workout diet plan is heavily detailed and everything is explained in the plan. The plan entails an easy guide to work out the calories and the recipes are easy to follow. The diet comprises consuming 20percent fat, 40 percent carbohydrates and 40 percent proteins.

On the other hand, the P90x diet is a bit more complex compared to the Insanity. It is executed in 3 major phases. In the first phase you consume low a diet that is has high protein content but low in both carbohydrates and fats. This phase is characterized by significant weight and energy loss owing to the low levels of carbohydrate intake. The second phase diet is characterized by intake of 40 percent proteins and carbohydrates and 20 percent. This is similar to the insanity workout diet. The last dietary phase is termed the endurance maximize. This phase has being shown to add unwanted weight and should be carried out only when you have very low body fat.

Does P90x work without the diet plan?

It’s strongly recommended that you follow the diet plan for the best results.

How much does p90x cost?

You can find p90x on Amazon. They usually have a sale on.

The principles behind the two programs

The “muscle confusion” is the principle behind the P90X workouts. This emphasizes that when you change the order with which you carry out the exercises, you actually do not allow the body time to adapt to that training. This assures both fitness and health without plateauing.

The max interval training is the principle underlying the Insanity workouts. Unlike the P90X, it concentrates majorly on long cardiovascular workouts which are the accompanied by low intensity y workouts. This exercise results in higher heart rate and much sweat.

The insanity max interval plyo compared to the P90X plyo X

The Plyo x is more tiring and it becomes harder to do more of it. The Max Plyo is more intense compared to the Plyo X. The Plyo x achieves more fitness for an already fit person. In order to comfortably execute the Max Plyo you must have already done the P90X and you are good at it. Both of these workouts stand out. The Insanity stands out due to its intense nature whereas the P90X is great due to the versatility aspect.

Cardio X and Max Cardio

The cardio x comprises of kenpo, cardio and yoga which makes it a great workout. However the Max Cardio achieves the same effect by using extreme intensity. The major advantage of Max cardio is that it enables you to reach your full potential unlike Cardio X which only leaves a feeling that the body had a good exercise.

Yoga and Max cardio recovery

The main advantage separating these two exercises is the length of time involved. Yoga on one hard makes it a bit of a challenge fitting in the weekly schedule because it requires approximately one and a half hours. However this can be sorted out by carrying out the Max Cardio which incorporates both balance and yoga moves.

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